Stramatel Portable Multi-Sports Scoreboard (14 Sports)

The Multi-Top runs on batteries or on mains. It is programmable for 14 sports in several languages. For those who want to get a complete Multisport scoreboard at a very low price!

  • The Multi-Top is a genuine portable scoreboard. It runs on batteries and is equipped with a folding control console.

    With its back-lit LCD-screen for better comfort, the Multi-top control console is also programmable for 14 sports in several languages.

    Ergonomic, light, easy to carry and to store, the Multi-Top is manufactured following an eco-design approach intended to minimise energy consumption and transport impact.


    Dimensions: 733 x 368 x 1150 mm

    Weight : 6 Kg
    Digit height : 9 cm
    Distance of readability : 35 m
    Angle of readability : 160°
    Display : LEDs (SMD)


    – Portable scoreboard.
    – Multisport programme .
    – Display of the scores, the timer, the match period, the team faults, and the time outs.
    – Horn
    – Ball possession indicators


    – Integrated Control console
    – Charger
    – Using instructions


    – Transport case

    – Repeater scoreboard

    – 24-seconds shot-clocks for Basketball