Lubell Labs Complete Air & Water Sound System (CAWSS) with Bluetooth

Lubell Labs Inc. of Columbus Ohio USA proudly presents the CAWSS System (video) – the FINEST fully portable Complete Air & Water Sound System available for synchronized swimmers and divers, who insist on DEPENDABLE air & underwater sound that is LOUD & CLEAR. This remarkable system holds many patents, and carries the distinction of being the highest performance state-of-the-art system ever offered to the sport of swimming.

Lubell Labs invented the Pistonic Piezoelectric Underwater Loudspeaker in 1965, and holds the patent for this unrivaled high-efficiency broadband design. Not only is the design efficient, but also extremely dependable and long lasting due to its rugged PVC and stainless steel construction. Because of this remarkable engineering feat, one Lubell underwater speaker outperforms up to 50 of the competing brand’s products, greatly lowering cost and simplifying installations. And due to this advantage, Lubell underwater speakers are demanded by leading professionals and organizations around the world including NASA, the Armed Forces, Olympics, Aquarius Underwater Habitat, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Bellagio, Le Reve, Sea World, Weeki Wachee Springs, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, and others. Lubell speakers are even used in most blockbuster movies having underwater footage including Abyss, Armageddon, Flipper, Harry Potter, James Bond (Skyfall Videoblog “Underwater”), Pearl Harbor, and Waterworld.

Some of the key features of the CAWSS system include: 1) Bluetooth, for wireless connection of song and sound files from your phone, tablet, or computer; 2) USB SD player/recorder with remote plays all your MP3, WMA, and WAV files, AND can record input via Bluetooth and mixer; 3) Patented IrDA handheld UHF wireless mic with rugged metal body allows clear paging of audience and coaching of swimmers; 4) Separate volume controls for air and underwater speakers allows independent adjustment of each zone; 5) Twin high-power 100 watt digital amplifiers for air and underwater speakers means extremely powerful sound with long battery life (up to 10 hours); 6) Automatic Digital Limiter prevents output distortion of music; 7) Switchable ducking circuit lowers music level when announcements are made; 8) Patented high-efficiency Lubell LL916C or LL916H underwater speaker with FINA required transformer box provides unrivaled clarity and range (up to 500 meters); 9) Aux Output for sending music to “house system” at large venues; 10) Universal 100-240V AC adapter/charger (standard IEC C14 socket) with international safety compliance markings for worldwide use of system.

  • Includes:

    • 200 watt wireless Bluetooth sound system. TW CE 8518.50.0000, 23 pounds / 16.7 IN x 11.4 IN x 9.9 IN (10.43kg @ 424mm x 289mm x 251mm) HWD
    • Wireless mic, UL Listed AC adapter/charger. TW CE 4.75 pounds / 3.5 IN x 14 IN x 13 IN (2.15kg @ 88.9mm x 355mm x 330mm) HWD
    • Choose one only: Heavy-duty LL916C cage mounted underwater speaker, OR light-duty LL916H harness mounted UW speaker. US CE 8518.21.0000, 6.8kg @ 279.4mm x 279.4mm x 196.8mm (LL916C); 5.44kg @ 233.7mm x 149.9mm (LL916H)
    • AC202C audio isolation transformer box. US CE 8504.31.4065, 3 pounds / 2.5 IN x 4.7 IN x 5.2 IN (1.36kg @ 63.5mm x 119.4mm x 132.1mm) HWD
    • DOWNLOADS: Click HERE for printable version of this page, download StageMan amplifier manual HERE, download LL916 guide HERE
    • Options: DC-35 weather-resistant slip cover ($62); Q4591 Flight Case ($799)CMM-103 3.5 mm stereo interconnect ($6) connects user’s projector, computer, mp3 player to the CAWSS system’s mating 3.5 mm LINE INPUT jack
    • SALE PRICE: CAWSS-C (with LL916C UW speaker) US$2669; CAWSS-H (with LL916H UW speaker) US$2474