TEM is a Sports Events Management firm operating mainly in Singapore to strategize, organise, manage and market various sporting events.

TEM is committed to provide the highest standards in Sports Events Management with passion.

TEM prides itself in its ability to understand needs and deliver results. This is done through extensive planning, creative problem solving and execution.


Creating successful events through careful planning and thorough execution.







TEM helps to conceptualise the event from beginning to end. From sourcing and planning of venues to event protocol planning. This is with key considerations to budget planning as well as desired outcomes. The aim is to provide an extensive coverage of services. Liaising with public bodies and working closely with them to provide seamless events.

TEM has a dedicated team of experienced professionals with expertise and knowledge spanning and covering numerous categories of sports. TEM assists sports venues in ways such as keeping abreast of changes made by sports governing bodies, in areas like changes to rules and regulations, field of play dimensions, disciplinary action for rule infractions and many others.

TEM is able to provide expert consultation services for construction of new sports Venues or renovation of existing sports venues. TEM has extensive experience in the construction of sports facilities like running tracks, indoor courts and especially swimming pools.

TEM provides sports equipment management services which includes sourcing, purchasing, maintenance, repair, inventory, transportation, storage, cleaning, and disposal.

TEM is committed to provide skilled manpower, professional expertise and inventory and sports equipment managers for any sports equipment installation, maintenance or disposal for all sports equipment needs.


TEM promotes the competition to create and increase awareness, encourage participation and engages in marketing via telemarketing, advertising and social media.

Provides customized online forms for easy administration for Registration of Competition, which includes data management of competition entries, athletes personal data, timing and sequence of events, teams management, competition points and scoring systems, completion of official documents to be filed with government entities and venues such as permits, layouts, risk assessment and safety assessments. Tem also provides the competition program and start list for competition (online and offline) and even automated and electronic notification and reminders to participants

During Competition

TEM provides real-time competition timing, scoring, results and data which allows for digital live broadcasts or streaming, television graphics, competition commentary and dissemination of competition results. Engages the crowd to encourage audience participation and live updates to social media platforms.

Post Competition

Provides results as well as competition or match statistics dissemination, whether to be published online or through hardcopies. This is done through statistics data analysis and reports for various parties like participants, athletes and teams. This in turns allows for the display of results and aggregated statistics, top scorers, achievements etc.

Management of media interviews, Social media sharing, news reporters and photographers as necessary.


Sport event management is the application of project management to the creation and development of sports events. This includes planning, organizing, directing, controlling, budgeting, leading, and evaluating within the context of an organization of any sporting event.

Sports event management not only involves planning and executing the entire sports event but also enables marketing, advertisements and brand development. These sports events can range from a social event for a local team to international competitions.